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Textur Lombardisch TTF font - Wargaming Hobby, Painting, Terrain, Images, Warhammer 40k

Textur Lombardisch TTF font


Calendarium Parisiense, XIV century, National Library in WarsawCalendarium Parisiense, XIV century, National Library in WarsawA church plaque made in Limoges, France, XIII century, National Museum in WarsawBas-relief from the Geneva CathedralKapellbr├╝cke in Lucerne, Switzerland: a king and his men try to escape Death, XVII centuryTextur Lombardisch TTF fontA cetificate I prepared for participants in an eventMy take on capital lettersMy take on various old script stylesDrawing old style letters is easy if you have a dip pen with a wide nibDwarf standard bearersBronze Gryphons Space Marines Standard Bearer (from the Skullz Promotion)Bunkers revisited
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