LED lighting and custom vehicles for Necromunda Squats

2024-03-03 Khaiell

I had a great fun installing custom LED lighting and doing a lot of scratch-building and converting, that went into the vehicles, their crews and others. These Ironhead Squat Prospectors were my entry in my local Games Workshop store.

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Necromunda Squats: custom LED lighting at night

See the pictures as separate pages: Necromunda Squats: custom LED lighting at night * Necromunda Squats: a bar, ironcrawler, land train and beer * Ironhead Squat Prospectors for Necromunda - Armies On Parade 2023 * Necromunda Squats: land train with ironcrawler and scratch-build cart * Necromunda Squats: scratch-build land train cart * …more

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